London College of Music Grade Examinations & Diplomas

Since 1998, LCM exams have been providing grade exams and diplomas in traditional Irish music.  These exams have become extremely popular throughout Ireland and beyond, as they provide a focus for both student and tutor, and the successful completion of an LCM examination is very rewarding for the student.  The LCM exam structure begins with an introductory ‘Step’ examination, and progresses through grades 2, 4, 6 and 8 towards diploma level.  Success at grades 6 & 8 earns the student valuable UCAS points for university entry.  Davey Music operates a private LCM examination centre for our students and we are very proud of our 100% pass rate in the LCM grade examinations and diplomas.  Exams usually take place twice a year at the Davey Music centre, in April and June.  Our most recent examination entry produced the following results: 72% distinction, 25% merit and 3% pass, along with 4 diplomas awarded.

The current LCM Irish Traditional examination syllabus is available here:

Further information about LCM exams can be found on the website:


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