Tunes of Note

This is a new and innovative service from Patrick Davey, and includes the composition of new music to mark a special occasion or as a gift, as well as a transcription and notation service.  Patrick has been composing traditional Irish music from a very young age and many of his compositions are firmly established in the repertoires of musicians throughout Ireland and beyond.  Patrick’s compositions have been recorded by such well-known traditional Irish musicians as Barry Kerr and Gráinne Hambly, as well as the groundbreaking County Antrim-based group ‘Beoga’.  Two of Patrick’s compositions were recently featured on the debut album of the group ‘Éalú’ who are currently taking the traditional Irish music world by storm.  In 2003, Patrick composed ‘Aifreann Feirste’ or ‘Belfast Mass’, which was the first Mass setting in Irish to be composed in Belfast, featuring a four-part choir accompanied by a chamber orchestra with classical and traditional Irish instruments.  Aifreann Feirste has been performed regularly since 2003, including in a live broadcast on RTÉ television on St. Patrick’s Day 2004. 

Composition Service
If you would like to present a family member or friend with a unique gift, why not consider having an original piece of music composed for them?  This could range from a single melody line to a multi-layered piece with harmony parts and countermelodies or, if you have a favourite text or poem, or even if you have written a few verses yourself, these could also be set to music and presented as a song.

Transcription & Notation Service
This service involves listening to a musical performance and producing a printed copy of it in musical notation.  This would be useful for anyone wishing to learn a tune from a recording which is played at a particularly fast tempo.  The transcription can be presented in standard musical notation or in letter format.

Delivery & Presentation
In all cases, the composition will be printed out for presentation and we can also have this framed as an extra special touch.  We can also arrange for the composition to be recorded – single melody line works will be easily recorded and we can also arrange for more extensive works to be recorded.  We can even arrange to have the piece performed at a special event, which could be a wedding ceremony, birthday party or family celebration.

Single line melody works will usually be ready within one week of commission - additional time will be involved in the preparation and presentation of more extensive pieces.


Flying to the Fleadh - This slip jig was composed to mark a memorable journey to the 1995 All-Ireland fleadh in Listowel, County Kerry. This recording, featuring Gráinne Hambly on Irish Harp, is from Gráinne's CD 'Between the Showers' (1999). Check out Gráinne's website:

O'Leary's  Motorbike - This is a double jig and was composed in the old rectory in Glencolumbcille, Co. Donegal, during the 1994 traditional music summerschool organised by Janet Harbison. This recording, by Belfast band Craobh Rua, is from their CD 'If Ida Been Here, Ida Been There' (2000). Check out the Craobh Rua website:

Hale-Bopp Reel No. 1 - This is the first in a set of two reels, composed in 1997 when the Hale-Bopp comet appeared in the sky during the summer of that year. It is a highly-syncopated melody and also suggests some untypical harmonies! This recording, by the band Éalú, is from their recent CD 'Escape'. Check out the band's website:

The Railway Jigs - 'The Inver Bank' and 'Headwood Crossing' are from a set of five double jigs, named after locations on the old narrow gauge railway lines in County Antrim. This recording, by Barry Kerr on flute, is from Barry's CD 'The Three Sisters' (1998). Check out Barry's website:

The Inver Bank - This recording of 'The Inver Bank' by the County Antrim band Beoga is from their 2004 album 'A Lovely Madness' and presents an original and very dynamic arrangement of the tune. Check out the band's website:

Bank Street - This is a reel composed for the soundtrack of a forthcoming historical DVD about the streets of Belfast. This recording features Mairéad Forde on fiddle and Patrick Davey on flute.

Deb - This is an air composed for the wedding of Debbie Wilkinson and Paul McQuillan in June 2011.

A Thiarna Déan Trócaire - This is a movement from 'Aifreann Feirste' or 'Belfast Mass', which was composed in 2003. This recording features The Glens of Antrim Choir and the Aifreann Feirste Orchestra, with soloist Éamonn Ó Faogáin. Check out the Aifreann Feirste Facebook page here, and the CD of Aifreann Feirste can be purchased from our Online Shop.

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