GCSE and ‘A’ Level Music

Davey Music students regularly choose to incorporate their knowledge and experience of traditional Irish music into their school music studies, and this brings great benefits when preparing for the all-important GCSE and ‘A’ Level examinations.  Students who have been taking regular lessons from an early age, and entering for grade examinations, will be very capable of presenting an impressive practical performance at both GCSE and ‘A’ Level, and our students regularly score very highly in this part of their examination.  Composition is an important component of GCSE and ‘A’ Level music and we can provide assistance with this – we can also arrange to have student compositions scored and recorded.  The GCSE ‘Musical Traditions in Ireland’ area of study offers the student the opportunity to learn more about their music and how it fits into the wider context of music in Ireland, and Davey Music has been assisting students with this in recent years.


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