The musicians of Davey Music have been performing traditional Irish music at weddings and other church services for many years.  The inclusion of traditional Irish airs and hymns or songs can add a special touch to a church or civil ceremony, particularly if the wedding guests include visitors from overseas.  Davey Music provides a comprehensive service to assist couples in choosing their wedding music, to include the following: 

• meeting with the couple as often as they wish beforehand
• suggesting & performing a range of pieces for the couple’s consideration
• liaising with the celebrant beforehand and on the day

Occasionally couples may have their own ideas about the pieces they wish to have included in their wedding music programme and we always welcome this.  If necessary, we can compose special arrangements of pieces and we can also include a number of light classical pieces if requested.

Here is a selection of some of the music that we would commonly play at weddings ceremonies, along with some sample performances:

Ag Críost an Síol - Vocal
An Ephesian Prayer - Vocal
Be Thou my Vision - Vocal
In Christ Alone - Vocal
Lady of Knock - Vocal
O Sacrament Most Holy - Vocal
Pachelbel's Canon - Instrumental
Planxty Power - Instrumental
Port na bPúcaí - Instrumental
The Hills of New Zealand (low whistle) - Instrumental
Ag Críost an Síol - Instrumental
Ave Maria (Schubert) - Instrumental
Carolan's Dream - Instrumental
The Hills of New Zealand - Instrumental
Kean O'Hara - Instrumental

Music at the Reception 
We can also perform traditional Irish music during your wedding reception, such as during the drinks reception and dinner.  Providing music during the drinks reception can help create a unique and welcoming atmosphere for the guests as they await the return of the bridal party.  There are many options available for reception music, including:

• solo harp
• harp & flute
• harp, flute & fiddle
• a larger ‘session’ type group including for example uilleann pipes, concertina, accordion and guitar


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